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  • sl

    Data on Student Debt Delinquency: Yes, there is a growing problem

    Jul 15, 2014

    By: Phil Hill Last week I wrote a post here about media challenges to whether there is a US student loan crisis, with most of the recent media attention being driven by the recent Brookings Institution analysis. In the Brookings web page highlighting their report, they summarized: Although the data

  • student-loans

    Clichés Should Be Avoided, But US Really Does Have a Student Debt Crisis

    Jul 1, 2014

    By: Phil Hill Last week the Brookings Institution brought welcome attention on the student debt issue in the US, leading to a welcome debate on what the data actually shows. The report released by Brookings was quickly popularized by several leading publications: NY Times: “The Reality of Student Debt Is

  • unc

    Colorado Sets a Higher Bar on Improving Remediation

    Jun 20, 2014

    By: Phil Hill The state of Colorado has taken a comprehensive approach within its public colleges and universities to address the  problem where far too few students make it out of remedial courses and earn degrees. As described in an Inside Higher Ed story this week about a recent state

  • college experience

    The College Customer Experience

    Jun 6, 2014

    By: Michael Feldstein When we hear the term “student-centered,” we often think of something sexy. Maybe it’s adaptive learning platforms, powered by brain science and big data. Maybe it’s letting students blog, work in MOOCs, and create their own majors. What we don’t often think about is the kind of

  • scottsdale

    Scottsdale Community College Improves Remedial Success Rates with Simple Change

    May 30, 2014

    By: Phil Hill Sometimes there are simple changes that can have a big impact on college success. With remedial/developmental education, one rich area for improvement is speeding up the process of getting students out of remedial purgatory into credit-bearing courses. Scottsdale Community College (SCC) has recently had great success by

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